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IBTC School of Ministry
IBTC LIFE Group Celebration Gathering
IBTC LIFE Group Celebration Gathering

IBTC Discipleship School of Ministry founded by Pastors Tommy & Kim Morgan is partnering with local churches for equipping the saints and sending them out to make other disciples throughout the world who can be entrusted to carryout the work and Gospel of Jesus Christ to the hurting. These are men and women who are not looking to build a reputation for themselves, but rather to build people. The purpose of this ministry is to discover and equip faithful leaders in the local church that are "kingdom minded," rather than "castle minded," and who will see the importance of discipling through a smaller group of committed people who want to impact the world for Jesus in "Big" way.

In fact, that's our mission, "going and making disciples of Christ" wherever He leads. The world is waiting for real answers in the ebs and flows of every day life that leave so many frustrated, broken, and devestated without hope. And unfortunately the people in our cities have witnessed more disappointments within the conventional way of doing church that many will not enter the doors. Therefore, we at IBTC Discipleship School of Ministry desire to become the church that is "not made with the hands of man." And because its our heart is to "Go" and fulfill the Great Commission, the Spirit of the Lord has assured us that the people throughout our cities will witness a move a God that cannot be denied through our willingness to step into their world with the Gospel.

We believe this strongly and therefore we are launching LIFE Groups locally and far abroad, where likeminded believers want to work together in smaller teams but connected with a larger community of followers of Christ. Our goal to achieve this, is to have LIFE Groups that are trained and connected together with others who are working the same vision throughout the city and the world. It will be a time to share in intimate worship together, provide specialized training, testimonies of what various LIFE Group outreaches have been doing, launching new LIFE Groups, and pooling our resources together so we can minister effectively to the needs of the people in our surrounding communities. Our LIFE Group Celebration Gathering will be geared to bring all teams where possible together in one location each quarter and poor into one another where every member is supplied, equipped, revived, and imparted with more vision to the call of God to go and make discisples. Come join up with us and let's watch what God will do!

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